Beauty Products With Pollethe Ramirez Of CLARI Skin Care – Ep7

Beauty and skin care products are incredibly popular, and those infused with CBD have women and men singing their praises. But what goes into CBD beauty products, and running a successful business selling them?

On this episode, Pollethe Ramirez, founder of CLARI Skin Care joins the show to share her company’s story, and dive into the CBD products made for beauty regimens.

Insights From The Episode

  • How CBD-infused beauty and skincare products can offer better results.
  • The story behind CLARI Skin Care’s founding.
  • Why Pollethe’s friends and family are crucial product testers.
  • Why moisturizing is so important… especially for the guys out there who may be hesitant!
  • How Pollethe was able to succeed while starting a new business in a pandemic.
  • Plus discussion about the importance of quality and transparency with CBD products.

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About CLARI Skin Care

“Much like the name implies, CLARI celebrates clarity and brightness, both when it comes to your skin and peace of mind. CLARI delivers clear and smooth skin through our ground-breaking beauty products for all ages, skin types, and lifestyles.

We understand it’s a hassle when searching for the skin care products on the market, which is why we aim for transparency.”

Episode Transcript

Scott: Hey, what’s up, everybody. It’s Scott here again. Welcome to another episode of the “CBD Guide” podcast. We’ve got a good one on tap for you today. I’m really excited because we’re going to be talking about a genre of CBD products that I think is of course growing and really important. We’re talking about skincare products. And joining me to discuss this is Pollethe Ramirez, who is the owner of CLARI Skin Care, which is a company offering luxury CBD skincare products. So we’re going right to the experts on this one. Pollethe, welcome to the show, and thank you for being here.

Pollethe: No, thank you so much for having me Scott. And great platform to have as well so very excited to just jump right into it.

Scott: Absolutely. And yeah, we’re going to learn a bit about sort of your business, your journey. And I always kind of like to start with the big question of how did you first discover CBD and realize it could offer so many potential benefits for folks.

Pollethe: Okay, great. Great question. So I would probably say like around three, four years ago, I started struggling with acne breakouts. I don’t know where, you know, and as a woman, as an adult, you’re like, what the heck is going on?

Scott: Oh my gosh, yeah.

Pollethe: Like I never really had acne as a teenager, so it was like definitely out of left field. So I started just researching. I went through so many different types of treatments, products, and I started realizing that a lot of the ingredients were just so heavy on chemicals. And one thing led another, I stumbled across CBD. And, as we know, it’s a quickly growing market. A lot of research is still being done to these days. And I’ve always been driven and had an interest to like more of the holistic and natural product route. I’m kind of like the type of person that will definitely tolerate a headache just to avoid taking the pain pills.

So I was invested like I really enjoyed it. I started doing a lot more research and then from there, I was like, well, I really didn’t see a lot of CBD products at the beginning. I was getting a lot of different tentures, the edibles, consumable things. And then I started looking into skincare and there were products, you know, at the time and I was like, wow, I need to try something like this. And from there, I just, I don’t know. I fell in love with the industry and definitely learning a lot more about CBD in general and its benefits. So I was like, okay. And from there I was like, you know what? I realized that a lot of the products that were claiming to be CBD, back to the ingredients again, they weren’t really providing the natural CBD infusion in these skincare products. So it kind of shifted me a little bit towards wanting to be just a consumer and pushing me to a little bit of being like an entrepreneur where I’m just trying to start and launch a skincare product with clean ingredients for just anybody struggling with a couple, you know, simple thing as acne.

Scott: So basically you kind of, you had your issue with acne and you’re like, okay, I want to go this natural route, find something to help me with this. And you found some products that had skincare products with CBD in them, but maybe they helped a little bit, but you’re like, Ooh, maybe I could do this better. Maybe there is a better opportunity there to make it even better in terms of the ingredients and the quality. Is that accurate?

Pollethe: Yes, that’s actually very accurate. And then as I was doing a little bit more research also, just going back CBD is such a new kind of introduction just to the world. I started realizing that CBD in different countries have different regulations versus, grown CBD here in the states. And then [inaudible00:04:49.753] you know, a little bit more research, a little bit more digging. So I was like, yeah, let’s do something here in-house that I can feel comfortable actually applying to my skin, and let’s just see where this goes. And it went.

Scott: And it went. And so then you basically, you founded CLARI Skin Care and just started making these products?

Pollethe: Oh my God, yes. It started of course with skincare products and then, you know, got to love friends and family for being the guinea pigs in [inaudible00:05:23.861]. And from there, my mom and just a couple of family members, they were like, you know, why don’t you try some, some pain because same thing, you know, my mom, she was like, this is very interesting. And they start asking you questions and you start doing a little bit more research and it’s like, okay, I have acute pain. That’s where my body comes into play. So it went from focusing on just skincare products to adding a body cream, a cooling rub to alleviate acute pain. And that’s where we are right now. And it’s been pretty good.

Scott: No, that’s amazing. And I love that you kind of there’s that natural, like, hey, there’s also this pain relief element. That’s something for me that kind of, I’ve been trying out some topicals and things like that because I’ve got hip pain from a high school injury, right. And it’s one of those things where I’ve found some benefits and I still haven’t found the perfect product for me just yet. So I’m not going to endorse anything, but I love that sort of natural extension. I’m curious Pollethe, so you start this business, you’re creating these products, you have a number of products that specifically around beauty and skincare. What do some of your customers tend to say about the benefits of these products? Maybe what helps this CBD infused skincare product, maybe help them with their acne or dry skin or whatever it might be, as opposed to maybe what they’ve had in other non-CBD infused products?

Pollethe: Oh yeah. So we definitely really value our customer’s feedback. And I mentioned at the beginning when it was still in trial phases, my family’s feedback, friend’s feedback, super valuable. But one thing I will definitely say is we’ve had customers that let us know even within their first week that they definitely see a significant difference as far as just hydration on there when they use our nights or morning daily moisturizer. And it kind of gives them just like that natural glow. With that alone especially just going back to women, it boosts your confidence a bit. From there, you know, they do start seeing change. We’ve had great feedback on the skin complexion. It does help. CBD does help also regulate your oil production as far as on your skin with, you know, inflammation anti-aging.

But definitely, I would say that, you know, great feedback so far, but giving that natural glow is definitely the top thing on the list, I would say. As for the cooling rub, so this is actually our top seller. I was actually surprised about that. But it does help with acute pain and it has a peppermint smell that I think it also gives that relaxing vibe. So it makes it just super soothing. People normally will say that they’ll use it for their acute pain after a good workout. And we’ve even had customers say, they’ll grab a little bit and then just rub it on their forehead whenever they have headaches or migraines and they do feel an alleviation. So it’s definitely a product that I personally like myself as well for those acute pains and just a soothing feel.

Scott: I love that. Yeah. And I like how you point out that there’s that sort of aromatic side to it. I feel like a lot of the products that I’ve come across, some of the most effective ones do have that kind of, I guess there’s an aroma to them, that’s sort of refreshing cool type of thing. I’m probably butchering the description, but that’s the best as I can do. And I think that’s incredible. So, okay. We’re talking about all the benefits that your products can have and how folks, especially women, are using these and kind of getting that glow and all of that. Let’s say there’s someone listening and they’re newer to the world of CBD and maybe they’re skeptical about the potential benefits. What might you say to them to encourage them to maybe take the plunge, maybe say, okay, I’m going to give this skincare product a test and see if I see some benefits here.

Pollethe: First, I would actually say, you know, don’t be afraid and don’t shy away from looking at the ingredients. Small fine print that we hate paying attention to, but it’s super, super important. Especially if you’re new to trying CBD infused products, look for words that say full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, because you definitely have your body… What you’re applying onto your skin is definitely absorbing what you need, including the vitamins and the minerals that full spectrum CBD provides. I would say, definitely look at the ingredients. Also do a little bit of research. Something that you’re applying and you’re looking for a solution far as whether it’s acne, inflammation, or anti-aging. So look into the company, see a little bit of who they are, where they’re located, where are their products coming from, making sure that they do provide you with the list of ingredients on their side.

And then as well as once you do decide to take that leap and start testing out your first round of CBD products, I would definitely say, remember that consistency is key. Stick to it even if you don’t see results in a week or two, stick to it just keeping in mind it takes 28 days for skin cells to turn over. So I always say try to get new products a month to see how your skin reacts. Of course, if it’s not reacting very well at the beginning then definitely stop. And then at the same time, do not try a lot of products at the same time. You know that also can impact reaction and you don’t know which product is causing what. So definitely baby steps, but look at the ingredients.

Scott: That is such good advice. I did not know that about the 28 days skin cell turnover. So that’s a little factoid there. I love that. And I think that’s a really point about not trying too many products. I’ve been trying to do that in the sense that, you know, for my hip, I was given several samples and I’ve been like, okay, I’m going to stick to one and I’m going to try that for several days and see how that works rather than kind of mixing and matching and saying is this helping? And then at the same time too, if I’m having pain, I actually try to be like, okay, I’m going to use this product, but I’m not going to take several Advil as well. I’m not going to mix all that together. So would you say for most of your skincare products, that sort of daily application is kind of the way to go?

Pollethe: Yes. And honestly, Scott, I would say when it comes to skin care consistency is… Oh my God, I preach by this. It’s super key. You have to be consistent in taking care of applying daily moisturizing makeup. We love our makeup, but at night it needs to come off fully. So yeah. I’m a big believer in having daily routines. Of course, you don’t have to use the product every day. So I guess I shouldn’t say daily routine, just weekly routines. Products that work with you and are beneficial to your skin.

Scott: Absolutely. When I was younger, I struggled with just dry feet. And the way I was able to sort of find a solution is I found just some cream on Amazon or whatever that I’ve been using and I’ve just used it consistently. I put it on before I go to bed, but it’s one of those things where I’ve wondered, hey, there’s like lots of chemicals in this and I’ve been putting it on my feet for years now. You know, maybe something more natural, maybe something with CBD might help. So would you say for products, like the ones that you have, that moisturizing aspect is really key to most of them?

Pollethe: Oh my God. Yes. I personally love moisturizing and I’m trying to convince my husband to moisturize a little bit more still he won’t do it. But yes, I do like moisturizing and as I mentioned, one of our biggest feedbacks that we do see a lot of people let us know when they give us feedback on the products is they notice that hydrated feel on their skin just naturally without having any products on there, any other shines or, you know, forgive me I’m not a makeup expert, but any other products that will give you like a shimmery look. Just naturally, they already feel and see that natural glow appear.

Scott: By the way, I love that you pointed out that, you know, you’re trying to get your husband to moisturize a little bit more. My wife is probably nodding if she’s listening to this because I’ll come to her and I’ll be like, “My back is really itchy. Just itch my back.” And she’s like, “Let me put lotion on it, please.” And then she does that. And I’m like, “Oh, it feels better”. It’s like, yeah.

Pollethe: Oh my God. I think it’s like a guy thing, you know. Because I remember asking him, like, after you get out of the shower, you put lotion, right? And he’s like, “No.” And I’m like, “Wait, I thought this was a thing.”

Scott: No. One of the many hats that wives might wear is to educate their husbands on the value of moisturizing.

Pollethe: That’s true.

Scott: I’m curious. You know, you kind of started your CBD journey, you got these great products that you’re making and they’re helping folks out. There are still lots of misconceptions out there about CBD. And I’m curious, maybe what do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions about CBD in general, still out there today? And how can those like yourself and me who are passionate about CBD clear up some of these misconceptions?

Pollethe: Oh, wow. You know, one of the I guess most frequently asked questions that we receive through social media or through our website directly is, can your products get me high? And automatically I’m like, oh my God, there’s a disconnect somewhere between companies that are creating these CBD products with the, you know, educating and providing resourceful information to their customers and just to anybody who wants to look into a couple of these products. I would say like, for us personally, at CLARI Skin Care, we do try to keep up with blogs and not just beauty blogs that focus on trends or anything of that nature. We definitely dive in a little deep explain to you the benefits of the ingredients that our products contain at the same time educating our users a little bit on CBD as a whole. And I think like platforms like this spot, the one that you’re providing, it’s amazing because the more resources, the more information we could put out for anybody, for new, for experts, you know, the more information they can obtain the better because people could get informed. And nowadays everybody has their phone all the time. It’s like your personal little computer. So Google is there.

Scott: Oh absolutely. Exactly, exactly. I’m glad that you mentioned that because that’s what we’re trying to do here is really educate folks on these products and on CBD itself and its potential benefits and all of that. And so I think you’re right in the sense that even you, you know, even if it’s not directly about beauty, if it’s just about, hey, this is what’s going into these products, this is what CBD can do and this is how the sauce is made or what have you. I think that’s where things get really, really interesting and can clear up those misconceptions. You mentioned, you know, social media. And I know that there’s folks that listen and they’ve got their own CBD businesses and maybe they want to grow, maybe they want to break through some of the noise because there’s a lot out there. It’s an industry that continues to grow. What’s maybe been some of the keys to breaking through the noise for you in really reaching your customers with your products and kind of creating these lifelong customers?

Pollethe: I would honestly say it’s our transparency. Not just transparent as far as ingredients, but also trying to be, you know, going back to a little bit of educating our customers as well. And we don’t try to claim. And our goal is not to be like your one-stop-shop, your one miracle product that’s going to solve all of your skincare concerns because truth be told it’s not going to happen. But we definitely are transparent. We don’t shy away from showing all of the ingredients that our products contain. And at the same time, we do try to provide informative content on our site about these skincare products, CBD skincare products, and just CBD as a whole. And I guess to add to that also because we are a women-owned and operated business, I think women also like that. I mean, women supporting women is always bomb. So…

Scott: Yeah, right.

Pollethe: I think that that also stands out a bit.

Scott: Well, I can tell you if I was going and trying to sell a skincare product, my wife wouldn’t even buy it from me. She’d be like, “You don’t even moisturize your back.”

Pollethe: That’s true.

Scott: So I feel you on that. What do you see as the whole industry continues to mature and we’ve got new products coming out and entrepreneurs like yourself figuring things out and having success, what do you see in the future for CBD as a whole? Like how might the landscape change in the months and years to come as you kind of think to the future?

Pollethe: Goodness. Honestly, I don’t see it going away anytime soon. I was actually reading the other day, I forget what news article, but basically, you know, it was foreseeing and projecting a forecast of an increase by 2025, just the CBD skincare market, you know, not CBD in general, just the skincare market. They were foreseeing a growth of $1.7 billion.

Scott: Wow.

Pollethe: And I’m sure you’ve noticed this as well. As time keeps going on, you know, we’re starting to see a lot more products arising, a lot more companies, from anywhere between CBD gum to the tinctures are always very popular. Just so many different CBD in tea. I was like, oh my God, this is a thing, super cool. So I definitely don’t see it going away. And it kind of also goes back to, you know, in my opinion, increasing awareness and providing that information to the overall end-user is definitely going to help and it’s beneficial because a lot of people, truth be told, they do a lot of research, especially nowadays on products or on companies. And, you know, back back in the day now, I think I’m disclosing my age a little bit, there was of more brand loyalty versus now it’s either a trend or millennials and just the youth are really taking the time to do the research, and I love that, researching products companies. But yeah, I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. CBD skincare and just CBD as a whole, I definitely see it growing in the direction that it’s going so far.

Scott: I completely agree. And I think another benefit of people like yourself creating great products and also educating people on the ingredients and CBD in general, as, I guess, consumers become more knowledgeable. I think there will be a benefit because they’ll be able to naturally sort out, maybe some of the bad actors out there, maybe some of the products that aren’t, you know, using the best ingredients and their effectiveness isn’t great and they’re making claims that aren’t accurate and what have you. They’re going to be able to sort the good from the bad and I think with businesses like yours, with CLARI Skin Care, you’re going to be there and they’re going to say, “Hey, no, we know this. We know this is good here. I’ve seen this before, and this is good.” And I think that’s a good thing to have a more educated consumer base, right?

Pollethe: Yes. Yes. And Scott, I hope you’re preaching because that is what I’m looking forward to.

Scott: Right. Right. Well, speaking of again, the future and what’s coming next, what is next for CLARI Skin Care? Any exciting projects going on that you can share of course, or products or what have you that our listeners might find to be interesting?

Pollethe: Oh my goodness. Yes. So we actually just reached our one-year anniversary last month. Super thankful for that, especially because we were one of those companies that launched at the very beginning of the global pandemic.

Scott: Heck of a year to launch, but congratulations on making it, really.

Pollethe: Oh my God. Thank you. It was an emotional roller coaster. Super exciting. It was scary, but we made it and we’re thankful. Of course, it caused a little bit of delay as far as rolling out new products. We were planning on having new products at the beginning of the year, but we’re definitely launching out new beauty skincare products before this summer. So yes, for rolling out new products. We’re also not forgetting about men. So we have a couple of products for men coming.

Scott: My wife’s already firing it up.

Pollethe: And in addition, a couple of our products are actually going to be products that don’t contain CBD for people that are not too sure about trying CBD products just yet. We want to make sure that we don’t exclude that audience and make sure that we provide something for them as well. But yeah, definitely keep a lookout on our social media, on our website. We’ll definitely be announcing it. Subscribe to our newsletter, that way you’re the first in line to see this rollout.

Scott: I love it. I love it. Pollethe, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. We’ll be sharing your story and covering some important topics and important products that are really helping people. I appreciate it. And you were mentioning for people to stay tuned before we let you go here, where can they go specifically? What are your channels, your website? How can they stay connected?

Pollethe: Oh yes. So you can visit our website directly at or Instagram is same thing, Through there, especially on our website, you can find all of our information. If you want to email us directly, If you have questions, if you want to subscribe to receiving text promotions from us, our numbers on both our website and Instagram. On Facebook, you can find us at CLARI skin. And same thing, we’ll always update you on our latest blogs and latest information pertaining to CBD as well as information about our products as well.

Scott: Fantastic. And we’ll be sure to drop all those links in the show notes as well. So make sure we send some people your way. Pollethe, thank you again. Awesome talking with you.

Pollethe: No. Oh my God, Scott. Thank you so much for the opportunity. It was amazing. It wasn’t as bad. I wasn’t… It was okay, I survived.

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