CBD Community With Jordyn and Jake Pollack Of Ziggy’s Naturals – Ep25

Cultivating a community within the CBD industry can create a trustworthy space for businesses to connect with their customers. This episode’s guests are Jordyn and Jake Pollack, co-founders of Ziggy’s Naturals.

Jordyn and Jake lead us through the story behind their brand, while also discussing their focus on operating as a family-owned business. Listen in to hear how Ziggy’s Naturals is building a community for everyone involved, as well as our guests’ take on how the CBD industry could improve.

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Insights From The Episode

  • Why shifting their company focus from Cannabis to CBD helped the Pollacks increase their ability to reach more people.
  • What their most popular products are according to customers.
  • Why Ziggy’s Naturals is known for their organic and natural products.
  • How FDA regulations can improve the CBD industry and open the door for conducting more scientific studies on CBD’s positive effects.
  • Why education is the most important element when it comes to those skeptical about CBD.
  • What the future of CBD will look like, including the potential for continued industry growth.
  • What Ziggy’s Naturals is currently working on, including research for developing a skin care line, hosting pride events, and being known as the best LGBTQ+ CBD company out there.

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About Ziggy’s Naturals

Ziggy’s Naturals was founded by the Pollack family in 2012 and is based in Austin, Texas. They have been one of the country’s leading family-owned sellers and distributors of organic CBD products. One of Ziggy’s Naturals top focuses has been on helping the LGBTQ+ community, as they are aware of how much CBD products help people who identify as LGBTQ+. Ziggy’s Naturals partners with one of the top eco-friendly hemp farmers in Colorado to produce exceptionally made products.

Episode Transcript

Scott: Hey. What’s going on, everyone? Scott here with you and welcome to another episode of “The CBD Guide Podcast.” Excited about today’s show because we have a really, really powerful story and another great CBD business to chat about. I am excited because I’m joined by Jake and Jordyn Pollack, who are brothers and co-founders of a CBD company called Ziggy’s Naturals. Jordyn, Jake, how you guys doing? Welcome to the show.

Jordyn: We’re doing good. Thanks for having us, Scott.

Jake: Yeah, doing great today. Happy to be here.

Scott: Awesome. Well, thank you for being here. Let’s kick it off. How did you first discover CBD and realize, hey, there are so many potential benefits for folks?

Jordyn: So this is Jordyn talking. I’ll kick this off here. I’ve worked in the cannabis industry for about almost six years now. So I’ve been an advocate in the industry and kind of working throughout the marijuana and hemp industry throughout the past six years. So that’s kind of how I personally just discovered the plant and I personally used it, and it just helped me with anxiety.

I am also transgender, so it has helped me with other ways as well just dealing with anxiety in the community and being out there. And I’ve also used our topical products. I’ve noticed that CBD topical products just have a lot of benefits as well. So that’s kind of how we discovered it and yeah.

Jake: Also, our dad also was at the gym one day and he was dealing with some tendonitis and somebody at the gym was like, “Hey, man, you gotta try this CBD out.” And he put it on his elbow and then within, like, 20 minutes, his tendonitis was…you know, he didn’t have the pain anymore so that really also kind of catapulted us into the CBD business as well.

Scott: Right. I mean, it’s so incredible all the different, I guess, wellness targets or whatever, to use the term, that CBD can have and all of those benefits. And I know for me, sort of when I discovered that, that’s what was so just like eye-opening. Like, wow, this is an incredible, incredible thing here.

But okay, so you discover CBD, you’re like, hey, this can help me out whether it be with anxiety or, like, your dad, tendonitis. Ziggy’s Naturals though, what’s the story behind your business? What made you say, “Okay, here’s this powerful thing called CBD. Let’s start a business about it”?

Jordyn: So since we just talked about the benefits and kind of we realized that there were so many benefits, right? That this product can help so many people in so many different ways that we’re only still finding out. And I was working in the cannabis industry at the time, and so at first, we kind of were like, all right, we know that marijuana can also help people so maybe let’s start a business in that industry so we kind of started there.

My wife’s name is Ziggy, so that is where we got the name. We just loved her name and with the company that we were originally going for, it kind of had like this whole pinup look as the logo and she’s very pinup style. And with the Naturals, all of our products are organic and we just pride ourselves on everything being natural.

So it kind of fit like that, where we just called it Ziggy’s Naturals. And we were planning on making edibles, but there was just a lot of red tape kind of trying to enter into that industry in the marijuana world. So since my dad had already enjoyed the benefits and reaped from the benefits of just CBD, we decided why don’t we look into the hemp world? And that’s kinda what we did.

We ended up partnering with the farm out in Colorado. And I know we’ll get into that later, but basically, yeah, we kind of just decided that CBD was going to be better for us because we could benefit a lot more people. We could sell it, you know, throughout the whole United States instead of just specific to the state we were licensed in. And, yeah, we kind of went from there.

Scott: I mean, I think it makes so much sense. And the reach of CBD continues to be so impactful because, you know, not everyone necessarily wants to try marijuana or have, you know, the high or what have you. And that’s where CBD just comes in and offers such a great solution there.

You were talking about, oh, yeah, you know, the edible world, that’s complicated and things like that, but what are some of your most popular CBD products? What do your customers tend to say about them and what are they typically, you know, targeting?

Jake: So some of our most popular products I’d probably just mention two of them. So we have, you know, a great lot of gummies that are a CBD isolate that a lot of people really enjoy. Some people don’t like the taste of tinctures, so they go with the gummies. And it’s easy to take, they taste really good, and a lot of people use those. I mean, personally, I could say that I use them to help me sleep. Sometimes I use it during the day for anxiety reasons and stuff like that.

And then we also have some topicals. And my favorite one and a lot of people buy this one as well is our muscle gel, which is a 1,800 milligram like a menthol roll on. So it’s got menthol in it so it’s got a nice cooling effect to it and it’s really easy to bring with you places and apply. You don’t have to touch it at all. It just has a little ball and rolls onto your skin.

And I mean, I noticed that within 10, 15 minutes, I noticed relief from that. So I bring it to the gym with me all the time and I use it probably multiple times every single day.

And a lot of people, you know, we’ve gotten really good reviews on our products and we’ve stood up the companies like Charlotte’s Web and cbdMD. And we have reviews on our website where people talk about how much our product has helped them, and, you know, it’s really amazing hearing all that stuff. And that’s what it’s all about, you know?

Scott: Absolutely. And so for the topical specifically, so really helpful with sort of recovery and that kind of thing when you’re at the gym?

Jake: Yeah, that’s simply what I use it for. And, I mean, even sitting at a desk all day could be painful for your back or just depends what… Everybody has different ailments that they deal with. It could be beneficial for a lot of things.

Scott: Absolutely. You’re preaching to the choir here because, you know, I sit behind a desk all day. I’ve got my hips kind of stink so I just get lower back issues and I’ve been using CBD topicals to help with that. So, I mean, that just shows you, hey… Especially as we all age and everything, just you get aches and things all over the place so it’s nice to have some help, right?

Jake: Yeah, definitely.

Jordyn: Yeah. I mean, you also, as, you know, the more research comes out of that CBD and the more people talk about how it helps them, we’ve learned that topicals can also help other things than just pain. You know, it can also help with acne, it can help with scarring. And these are things, of course, the FDA hasn’t approved so we can’t officially say that it can clear all these things up, but personally, these are the things that I’ve noticed with it and that some of our clients and people that use our products have told us as well.

Scott: Absolutely. I mean, and there’s just still so much to be discovered when it comes to CBD, and it’s exciting chatting with folks like you guys really leading the charge with that and your customers. I want to actually… I guess that’s a great segue because really one thing I think that’s unique about CBD is the community aspect of it.

And I know Ziggy’s Naturals, you guys really focus on building community around what you do. I’m curious, how do you do that? And why is that community aspect so important and really critical to what Ziggy’s Naturals is doing?

Jordyn: So, I mean, the CBD community in itself, just talking there, you know, we know that the market is… You know, there’s so many companies out there so we really have to try and separate ourselves. So we really, you know, try and stand behind the family aspect and, you know, it’s really just me and my dad and my brother running this company. You know, if you call us on the weekend, you’re gonna get the owner that answers the phone to help your problem.

So we’re really trying to stand behind that, like, family aspect of it. And, you know, with that being said, it also feels more so community and, you know, to let everyone be involved and welcomed.

So I guess that’s the CBD community part of it. But to separate us out, being a transgender male, we really realized how much CBD can help the LGBTQ+ community just in general and now how that community sometimes feels left out. So we’ve really tried to focus our efforts on making that community feel welcome and making our company almost feel like a safe space for them.

Whereas, you know, there’s soul behind the products and it’s not just a product we’re selling to them, it’s the story of who we are and what we support, and all the partners and a lot of the partners we work with are in the LGBTQ+ community.

So that’s kind of the aspect, like, you know, we go at it as just being this like supporting, loving family that, you know, some people don’t have and we try and give that. We basically try and spread that love. So I feel like that’s really what represents us.

Scott: I mean, that is so so powerful. And I think too just from a pure, like, business-y standpoint, it makes so much sense that building this community and focusing on that. There is so much noise out there. There are more and more CBD companies popping up every day and how do you differentiate yourself? How do you attract the customers that you want to reach with these powerful products? And you’ve just broken it down so perfectly of how you can weave your story together and reach people like that. I mean, I think that’s what it’s all about.

Jordyn: Yeah, for sure. I mean, it’s definitely… I don’t know, it’s just showed us too what it really means to us. Like, that it’s not just, you know, owning this company and selling product. Like, it’s really about, like you said, you know, the community and kind of building this whole family. You know, like, just of all of our customers are family, right? Like, we’re just building this web of family and spreading it larger and larger.

And it’s pretty amazing how you can have customers all throughout the United States and really enjoying the benefits of this product. And the more and more education that comes out about it and the more people do research about it, I think more and more people will start to use these products as well.

And hopefully, we’ll be, one day, like if anybody in the LGBTQ+ community wants CBD, they’re gonna buy from us because we want them to know that like, you know, we’re here for them. So that’s definitely an important message for us

Scott: A hundred percent. And, you know, this is making me think now I’ve got my next question here. If you’re kind of taking that family approach, you love your family, you want to give them something, you want to make sure it’s good for them, it’ll help them out, and it’s got good quality and it’s not going to harm them. So that really when it comes to CBD, that brings us to sourcing and production. And that really separates out a lot of CBD companies if they can do that right.

So I’m curious, how do you go about sourcing and producing your products to make sure that they’re of the highest quality and this community that you’re serving is getting the best that you can get?

Jake: So that’s a great question. So it took us a little while and we ended up partnering with one of the best hemp farmers in Colorado. And their facility is GMP-certified, which is extremely hard to get. It’s gotta be extremely clean. I mean, you basically have to be able to go in there and eat off the floors. That’s how clean the place is.

And, you know, we really take pride in all the products, and all the products are third-party lab tested and have QR codes on the bottom of them, which will lead right to that lab test. So just full transparency with our customers, so they all know exactly what’s in the product.

And, you know, we’ve had, like I said before, we’ve had a lot of customers tell us that our products do stand up to the largest CBD companies in the country. And they’ve switched from their products to ours not only because of the quality but because the message behind the product as well.

Scott: There it is. That right there exemplifies the kind of details that are so critical when you’re talking about, hey, how do we get that quality? How do we make sure that our products are really standing up and helping folks?

We’ve been talking about a lot of positive things but I think that, you know, we are in such a great place right now but you can always do better, right? When you look at the landscape across CBD today, there are always things, like I said, that can be done better for the benefit of all. Where do you think those in the world of CBD can continue to improve to really drive the industry forward in maybe the most positive and impactful way?

Jake: So I think that for us and for a lot of companies out there, that FDA approval would be huge for the industry. You know, although it’ll bring on a lot of regulations, it would help weed out the companies who aren’t doing things correctly, which, you know, cause problems in the industry.

And like I said, we take great pride in our products and we know they’re high quality. And we know exactly what’s in all them, all-natural, organic ingredients, and I think it would just help us blossom even more if it was approved. As well as being able to have real scientific studies done on these products where we can actually tell people what the benefits are that come with them. That would be huge for us to be able to label our product and say, “This is made for this.” You know, because that’s something that we can not do right now, which makes it very hard.

As well as for advertising, it would help. But advertising is so hard because CBD is still highly regulated. And once that’s clear, we should be able to advertise anywhere. And I’m sure you’ll see more and more CBD commercials on Hulu and YouTube and Instagram and everything, you know? So I think that could really help us a lot.

Scott: That’s such a great point. And, you know, folks listening right now, I mean, realize with CBD, like it’s difficult even online to just… You know, some people think, like, “Oh, you just put a Facebook ad or something like that.” Well, not with CBD.

Jake: No.

Scott: That is not how it is, and that’s really difficult if you’re trying to reach people with your products and your message. So I think that’s such a great point and we’ve talked about this a little bit on other episodes about really how the industry itself really wants the FDA to step in and bring some regulation and some order to it because I think it can only help, especially if it’s done in a thoughtful way. So, you know, fingers crossed over here that we get there with it, right?

Jordyn: Yeah, yeah. Right. Hopefully soon, you know, we’ll see.

Scott: We’ll see, we’ll see. Sometimes they can drag their feet a bit, but we’re hoping.

Jordyn: Yeah, for sure.

Jake: A lot of talk, no action.

Scott: Yeah, exactly. A lot of like, “Let’s have a meeting to set up another meeting.” So there’s lots of folks out there that are newer to the world of CBD and it’s still really, in the grand scheme of things, pretty new when you look at it. I mean, the 2018 Farm Bill, that wasn’t that long ago.

When you run into someone who’s newer to the world of CBD and maybe they’re unsure or even skeptical about the potential benefits, you know, “Okay, what am I taking here? What’s this going to do?” What might you say to them to encourage them to maybe take the plunge and give CBD a try if they’re struggling with something, be it anxiety or some pain or sleeplessness or something like that, whatever it might be?

Jordyn: So when people reach out to me, like, personally or I guess any customers that may reach out to us, I really just try and kind of send them a bunch of different articles that I’ve read about CBD online. So I guess really the main answer to that is education. I really try and just educate them with articles that are out there and, you know, maybe reviews from our customers or maybe my personal experience.

But really I think education is just the most important in that, and I think that’s just the most important thing in general to anyone, right, when it’s about CBD. Because, you know, you kinda got to know about what you’re getting yourself into and what it can help and the dosage you need to take and all of that, I think, you know, to maybe be less skeptical.

So I just think education is the most important thing and the more we can educate everyone about CBD and that it can be used for many different things, even just like a daily vitamin, I think the more people will be less skeptical of it. So that’s where really what we try and do is just educate people.

Scott: Well, absolutely. And I think also through that education, you kind of clear up some of those misconceptions. They’re like, “Wait, so is this marijuana?” And it’s like, “Well, no, it’s not.” And, like, “If I take this and go to work, am I going to be like, oh?” You know, whatever it would be. It’s like, well, no.

Jordyn: That’s the biggest one right there. Like, you’re saying is that, you know, the biggest misconception is like, “Okay, am I going to get high, you know?” Basically, that question, is this gonna get me high?

So I feel like that if you can just let people know right there that, you know, CBD, the cannabinoid CBD is not psychoactive, whereas Delta-9 THC is psychoactive. And when people are expressing feeling high, that’s what they mean by feeling high is the psychoactive effect of Delta-9 THC.

So, you know, if you can kind of break that down for them. And also, you know, it’s really important to let people know that we all have an endocannabinoid system, you know, which some people don’t realize that we actually all have receptors for these products in our bodies.

So, you know, when you’re putting like an Advil in your body, like you don’t have receptors for that, right? Like they just made this pill to help something in your body. Whereas when we put CBD in our body, it’s actually attaching to these receptors that will actually benefit us in general.

Scott: Yeah. And these receptors are everywhere. Like it’s not just, like, “Oh, yeah, here’s one.”

Jordyn: Yeah, exactly. They’re like on your skin, in there, like everywhere.

Jake: Yeah, in your body.

Jordyn: It’s pretty wild. So that’s why I just like to send people articles about it because then they’re like, “Oh, my gosh, I didn’t even realize this.” You know? And so the more I send people articles, the more people seem to be engaged and want to try it out.

Scott: Well, and that makes too because especially when you kind of talk about sort of the science-y side of it, and I know there’s some people that their eyes glaze over if. They feel like “What science?” You know, but that also makes sense because we sit here and we talk about CBD and it’s like, well, there’s people that use it to help them with sleep. There’s people that help with anxiety and pain and they’re like, “That’s so many different things, all one product. What? I don’t believe it.”

Jordyn: For real. It’s wild.

Jake: It’s pretty amazing.

Jordyn: Yeah. It’s an amazing plant, I will say.

Scott: Exactly. So as we kind of wind down our chat here, I always like to look to the future because, hey, things are going great now, but they can always be better as we were talking about before. And really there’s this question of, well, what is coming next? What is going to happen? So what do you see in the future for CBD as a whole? How might the landscape really keep changing in the months and years to come?

Jake: I just think that, obviously, it’s just going to keep and growing. Hopefully, FDA approval comes, hopefully, you know, we get more regulations on it.

And I just think the industry is gonna continue to grow and grow and we’re just going to keep riding that wave with it and growing and coming out with newer and better products. You know, so, yeah, I mean, that’s basically my answer to that. I think it’s just going to keep on getting bigger and bigger and we’re here for the ride.

Scott: That’s what’s up. And I think too as part of that growth, you’re going to see a maturation of the industry and the companies. And I think companies like yours that are doing things the right way and building that community that you guys were talking about, those are the ones that I think are gonna last.

And the ones that are maybe just in it to do a quick buck, or maybe they’re not trying to do things the right way, I think that especially as folks become more educated about CBD and hey, here’s quality, here’s not, here’s snake oil, here’s what it can do, here’s what it can’t do, that’s going to be huge, right?

Jordyn: Yeah. that’s definitely an issue right there. Yeah. Yeah, definitely exciting. I think that, you know, the more cannabinoid they discover too, like now they’re selling CBG CBN, like all the different ones that can help with all these different specific things.

And, you know, like we talked about the FDA approval and then being able to actually test these different products and see what they can really do for people. I think down the line, hopefully, these products will be helping a lot of different people in a lot of different ways.

Scott: So speaking of products and what’s next and things, what is next for Ziggy’s Naturals? Jake, you were talking about just growth and that kind of thing, but are there any specific exciting projects or initiatives going on that you can share, of course, that folks might find to be interesting?

Jake: Yeah, for sure. So we’re currently in the process of doing some research on a skincare line and probably add about between, like, 5 to 10 products of the skincare line more just for daily skincare. Like, we have a lotion and topicals, but these are things like more for, I guess, like, beauty and skin wellness. So we’re in the midst of that.

Probably do more pride events. We’re always looking for more partners, people that will work with us, you know, through social media and off social media. We have a great referral program that we’re starting, going knocking on chiropractors’ doors, trying to get them to refer our products to their patients.

And, you know, just honestly, the biggest thing is just to lead the industry as the best and most well-known LGBTQ+-owned company in the United States and then, hopefully, in the world one day. So that if you’re in the LGBTQ community…

Jordyn: Or an ally. That’s why we say plus.

Jake: Or an ally, that it’s not even a thought. Like if you’re looking for CBD, you know to go to Ziggy’s Naturals because they have the best products and the best company to support.

Scott: Well, I think you are well on your way and I can speak for myself and that I’m really excited to see where you guys can take it because it’s such an important mission and such a great way of going about it.

I’m always happy to have folks on the show that are doing things the right way, so thank you both for joining me here, sharing your story, and your great products, and talking about some big things going on in CBD.

And before I let you go, folks who are listening along and they want to maybe check out some of your products, maybe they want to become another person, part of your great community. Where can they do that? Where should they go?

Jordyn: So if you want to check us out, you can head over to ziggysnaturals.com or just check us out on Instagram @ziggysnaturals. And if it’s your first time, you can use the code “pride” for 30% off.

Scott: Awesome. Thanks again so much.

Jake: Thank you. It was great talking to you. Thanks for having us.

Jordyn: Thanks for having us, Scott. This was awesome.

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